Title: Latent Print Examiner

Description: Job Description
Latent Print Examiner

Amentum is currently seeking a Latent Print Examiner based in Fort Gillem, GA

The salary range for this position will be determined by the education, experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities of the applicant, internal equity, and alignment with market data.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Process evidence to develop latent prints using standard laboratory procedures. Processing methods include, but are not limited to, cyanoacrylate fuming, fluorescent dye stains, powders in suspension, ninhydrin and indanedione.
Identify, label, and photograph latent prints on evidence.
Photograph each latent print using proper photographic equipment and techniques.
Analyze latent prints in Adobe Photoshop to determine suitability and submit to the Defense Forensic Biometric Agency (DFBA). This determination shall be in accordance with laboratory policy.
Compare latent prints to known prints and make conclusions.
Document all examination results/findings in the Weapons Technical Intelligence Exploitation Analysis Tool (WEAT) database.
Annotate the case file documentation, detailing the processing techniques and the examination results.
Interpret results for forensic and/or intelligence exploitation.
Perform administrative and technical reviews of reports for fellow examiners.
Maintaining proper chain of custody.
Mix chemicals as required and perform quality checks on instruments and reagents.
Maintain a clean laboratory and personal workspace environment, in accordance with laboratory procedures.
6-month overseas deployments
Required Qualifications:

To be considered for this position the candidate must have a minimum of 3 years of experience performing Latent Print examinations and analysis on all types of materials to include porous, non-porous, and semi-porous materials.
Experience using chemical, physical, and digital latent print examination techniques to produce a suitable print for comparison.
Experience with utilizing and submitting to ABIS, AFIS, and/or other national databases.
Have 20/20 vision or correctable to 20/20 vision with no detected color vision deficiencies.
Must be able to successfully pass a skills assessment.
Able to obtain and maintain a Department of Defense (DoD) Secret security clearance.
Must be able to obtain a US Passport
Must be able to successfully pass a medical assessment per customer requirements.


Closing Date for position: 05/25/2024

Location of Position:, Virginia

Additional Information: PDF Description of Opportunity

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