Committees (2023-2024)

Ethics : Kristen Fripp, Chair

Members:  Amy Winters, Dagny Brogdon, Nicole Astor, Toni Broome

Audit: Tara Ransom, Chair

Members:  Tanja Kopp, Alison Galassie, April Brown, Kristen Fripp

Membership: Tanja Kopp, Chair

Nomination:  Allison Galassie, Chair

Members:  Dagny Brogdon, Adam Lewis

Historical: Mike Healy, Chair

Training, Education and Research: Shannon Roy, Chair

Members: Amber Carroll, Bianca Fulks, Bob Ollis, Kouwendy Baawo

Communication and Awards: Tiffany Vinson, Chair


ABC Representatives:

Erin Tracy (Board of Directors: member)

Tammy Jergovich (Examination Committee: member)

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