Job Submission Guidelines

The SAFS is committed to aiding reputable organizations and agencies in their search for highly qualified candidates. Our services are free and we will attempt to post your position quickly. Should you find an error or issue with your posting, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster. If you wish to submit a position for consideration and posting to the SAFS website, please utilize the following guidelines:

1. Ensure your position attachment (if provided) is in PDF format. Only PDF formatted documents will be accepted.

2. Ensure that you clearly list the type of position being announced, the location of the position and the agency or organization the position is being announced for.

3. Ensure that you have a clear closing date for your position. If your position is “Open Until Filled”, please keep in mind, positions will be removed after 90 days on the SAFS website for maintenance purposes. We will happily repost your position after 90 days if you contact the webmaster and submit an updated PDF announcement.

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