Title: Senior Crime Laboratory Analyst

1. Serve as “Quality Manager” for the Bureau
Maintains and updates the Quality Manual. *Recommends corrections and improvements in the quality system. *Monitors laboratory practices to verify compliance with policies and procedures. *Evaluates instrument calibration and maintenance records. *Evaluates technical and administrative review activity. *Helps to ensure the validation of new technical methods. *Causes technical problems to be investigated, proposes corrective action, and verifies implementation. *Administers the proficiency testing program and evaluation of results. *Prepares internal auditors and coordinates technical and quality assurance audits. *Maintains records concerning the quality program such as those for training, proficiency tests, and audits. *Makes recommendations for training to maintain or improve the quality of work.
2. Analysis of fire or explosives samples
Analyzes assigned Forensic evidence samples using a variety of instruments (gas chromatographs, mass spectral detectors, infrared spectrophotometer, ion chromatograph, etc…) to make determinations as to the presence, absence and identity of ignitable liquids or explosive/incendiary material (depending on training completed and competency testing). Performs other chemical, microscopic, and instrumental examinations of questioned material associated with fire or explosive scenes as required. *Maintains familiarity with the chromatographic and mass spectral patterns for common reference standards.
3. Laboratory Maintenance and Upkeep
Monitors all scientific instruments to determine if they are operating at optimum level. May make minor repairs and adjustment to equipment. Coordinates preventive maintenance and repairs with contract vendors. Maintains repair, calibration, and validation records. Replaces expendable laboratory items. Prepares requests for the Bureau Chief for ordering supplies as required.
4. Record Maintenance and Evidence handling
Enters results of sample preparation, quality assurance, and analysis into the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Properly records quality assurance and quality control documentation and evidence chain of custody documentation. Generates reports as required. *Submits reports to the Bureau Chief or peer for technical and administrative reviews. Acts as a peer to other analysts for technical and administrative review. Provides assistance to agencies submitting evidence as required. *Maintains integrity of assigned evidence through proper handling and storage.
5. Development of Methodology
Evaluate instruments and procedures to develop specifications for explosives analysis. Maintains a working knowledge of the theory and application of analytical techniques of forensic analysis. Conducts individual research and prepares articles/papers concerning that research. May attend meetings that relate to Bureau functions.
6. Judicial Activity
Appears as an expert witness in court or at depositions. *Reviews files and prepares for testimony in consultation with the Bureau Chief. *Discusses case particulars with submitting agents and officers of the court as necessary prior to court appearances.
7. Provide Assistance to investigators
Provides prompt assistance to fire and law enforcement agencies as requested and proper. May be required to travel to fire scenes or off site experimental fires to provide advice on collection of forensic evidence, as assigned Bureau Chief or designee.
8. Other
Maintains effective working relationships. Observes Department policies and procedures. Prioritizes work and meets deadlines. Performs other related duties as required.

Applicants must apply online via People First, AND a Supplemental Civilian Application must be emailed to: hiringdifs@myfloridacfo.com

This supplemental application MUST be received no later than five (5) business days after the closing date of this advertisement in order to be considered for this position. The DIFS Supplemental Civilian Application can be found at: https://sf01.myfloridacfo.com/docs-sf/investigative-and-forensic-services-libraries/difs-documents/civilian_supplemental_application-7-6-2016.pdf

Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science, Chemistry, or other natural sciences is required.

Additional requirements:
• Five (5) or more years of fire debris analysis experience.
• Low explosives or hazardous chemical analysis experience.
• Laboratory accreditation assessment practices experience.
• Formal training from an accreditation organization in performing assessments.
• Laboratory area audits or function experience.

The starting salary for this position is $65,000.00.

This position requires a security background check which includes a financial credit report, fingerprinting and a drug screen.

Employees of the Department of Financial Services are paid monthly.

Responses to qualifying questions must be clearly supported by the state application and any omission, falsification or misrepresentation in the answering of the qualifying questions will be cause for immediate elimination from the selection process.

Closing Date for position: 12/01/2021

Location of Position:, Florida

Additional Information: PDF Description of Opportunity

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