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Real Forensic Pathology Vs Reel

Now that we have been exposed to snippets of forensic  expert testimony from the recent Minnesota vs Chauvin case lets form an understanding of what the medical subspeciality of Forensic Pathology really is an opposed to what media portrays on television and in the movies.

Forensic pathology is one of the few non- hospital based medical specialties that exist. The training is four to six year of post graduate education after graduating medical school. The professional work requires physical stress, wear and tear as well as cerebral exercise.

Forensic pathology is also known as medical legal death investigation. I will discuss the relationship of this medical practice in its historic connection to law enforcement up through modern times. I will examine and explain the conflicts that exist in our legal system and medical system which cause issues when it comes to independent death investigation and the role of the forensic pathologist.

Real vs Reel
Joye M Carter, MD, PhD
Forensic Pathologist to the San Luis Obispo Sheriff/Coroner Division
Forensic Pathology Consultant, Author, Lecturer

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