Calling all trace evidence paint examiners: trainees, those previously or currently working cases, retirees, and academicians!

In preparation for submitting the document to ASTM for formal standards development, the OSAC Materials (Trace) Subcommittee is conducting an interlaboratory data collection exercise to evaluate the draft of its Standard Practice for Interpretation and Report Writing in Forensic Comparison of Trace Materials. The focus of the first round of the study will be on forensic paint analysis.

A web-based training session introducing participants to the draft document and exercise will be held JUNE 11, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Time commitment for participants starts with this ~1-hour training session and also includes any preparation time for studying the guidance document and several hours within a selected one-week time period over
the summer to complete the exercise. There will be 15 total scenarios to think through and for which to choose a conclusion. No data will be provided to view and evaluate, but a summary of data and the results will be.

The draft document can be found on the Materials (Trace) Subcommittee website in the Under Development section.

Feel free to start reviewing the document now, emphasis on Sections 1-5 and 9, and to share this information with your colleagues.

To sign up to participate, complete this form:

Any questions about the interlaboratory exercise should be directed to Andria Mehltretter at

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