Title: Forensic Specialist – Latent Prints/DNA

Description: PURPOSE: Independently performs routine to moderately complex technical examinations in the areas of Latent Print exploitation or DNA analysis in a laboratory setting. Provides assistance to Forensic Examiners in the examination of evidence.


Latent Prints
o Perform Latent Print exploitations and analysis on all types of materials to include porous, non-porous, and semi-porous materials.

o Perform Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) analysis on collected material and physical evidence typically consisting of bodily fluids, body fluid stains, hair, bone, dental pulp, and other human tissue. Examination of DNA profile suitability for matches and submissions to database.

Utilize chemical, physical, and digital latent print examination techniques to produce a suitable print for matches and submissions to a database.

Conduct latent print examinations or DNA analysis while maintaining chain of custody, and formulating interpretation results for forensic and/or intelligence exploitation.

Perform quality checking of instruments and reagents.

Maintain chain of custody and performing administrative and technical review (AR/TR) procedures.

Closing Date for position: 11/18/2022

Location of Position:, Geogia/OCONUS

Additional Information: PDF Description of Opportunity

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