On a limited basis, the KBI is offering unpaid internships to further the mission of the laboratory. The internship can be part of a university’s practicum experience or a student’s independent career-building initiative. Priority will be given to practicum students working towards a degree relevant to the field.

Internships for university students provide future forensic scientists the opportunity to experience an ISO accredited laboratory and contribute to the field of forensic science through research projects. The various benefits of an internship at the KBI include the following:
– Learn relevant methods practiced in the forensic science disciplines
– Contribute to the work performed by the forensic science laboratory
– Network with KBI forensic scientists and law enforcement professionals
– Participate in a meaningful career-related experience
– Explore various forensic science disciplines and focus future career options
– Increase post-graduate marketability

**Due to confidentiality concerns and the nature of the work, the KBI laboratory does not offer crime scene internships or arrangements consisting solely of shadowing. Additionally, the number of internships, project disciplines, and locations are limited and will fluctuate depending on availability.