Title: Forensic Scientist I, II, III – Chemist

Description: Information and apply by link: https://grnh.se/109f21be3us

The Forensic Scientist – Chemist job responsibilities include:

Collects, preserves and maintains integrity of evidence in the laboratory; examines evidence; accurately documents description and condition of items; maintains chain of custody for evidence.
Performs a series of complex analytical examinations utilizing chemistry, Performs chemical and physical analyses and/or microscopic examinations in the identification and comparison of evidence.
Maintains, reviews and implements extensive quality assurance measures and ensures quality of laboratory data.
Prepares detailed reports on laboratory test results and examinations performed; forms conclusions based on test results.
Consults with detectives, outside agencies and prosecutors to provide scientific information relevant to the investigation and analysis of evidence.
Testifies in court as an expert witness; explains laboratory procedures; presents and defends laboratory findings; refutes or corroborates other expert testimony.

Closing Date for position: 02/27/2023

Location of Position:, TX

Additional Information: PDF Description of Opportunity

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