Title: Forensic Scientist (Forensic Chemistry)

Description: This position is located in the Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS). The mission of the DFS is to provide high-quality, timely, accurate, and reliable forensic science services using best practices and best available technology, focusing on unbiased science and transparency, to enhance public safety and health. Employees are assigned to one of the specialty disciplines in forensic science (e.g., forensic biology, firearms and toolmark analysis, etc.). The position is responsible for conducting forensic chemistry analytical work, to include controlled dangerous substance analysis as well as surveillance testing. The work includes data analysis and interpretation of the complex composition of molecules, physical and chemical properties molecular structure and chemical reactions.

The incumbent performs forensic chemistry and surveillance analyses on physical evidence or samples; interprets test results, conducts comparisons of unknown samples to known reference standards, develops conclusions and prepares final reports/results; completes technical review of peers’ work. Prepares written scientific examination reports based on laboratory results by interpreting instrumental data and spectra; maintains quality assurance/quality control of equipment and instruments that are utilized for testing and ensure they are compliant with prescribed operating and safety standards, regulations and guidelines including manufacturer’s specifications on computerized scientific equipment.

Completes an advance research project and/or performs a vital role in the overall operation of the unit by independently performing a high-level task such as training and/or overseeing training of scientists, developing and validating new processes and procedures, or overseeing bio surveillance program.

To be considered for this employment opportunity, you will be required to submit a formal application. Please visit the DC Careers website at: https://careers.dc.gov (reference Job ID #23261). We look forward to reviewing your application!

Closing Date for position: 10/01/2023

Location of Position:, District of Columbia

Additional Information: PDF Description of Opportunity

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