Title: Forensic Scientist 2 – Firearms and Toolmarks

Description: Department: Medical Examiner’s
Anticipated Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Reports To: Supervisor, Firearms and Toolmarks
Full Time or Part Time: Full Time
Regular or Temporary: Regular
Salary: $95,000/year
Bargaining Unit: Fraternal Order of Police
Classified or Unclassified: Classified
FLSA: Exempt

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To be considered for this position, please visit
https://www.cuyahogacounty.gov/human-resources to create a profile and apply. Consideration will only be given to those who apply on the Cuyahoga County job portal.

The purpose of this classification is to examine and interpret firearms and toolmarks evidence associated with alleged criminal acts; to inspect and test fire all kinds of firearms and examine fired ammunition recovered from a crime scene to determine if it was fired by a particular firearm, interpret results and prepare reports for assigned casework and testify in the court of law.

Distinguishing Characteristics
This is a journey-level classification working under general supervision. Positions in this class are expected to independently perform recurring, well-precedented projects using standard methods and techniques. Incumbents establish and maintain quality control, an ensure proper preservation and documentation of evidence. Employees receive instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise, and are expected to become fully aware of methods, protocols, procedures, applicable regulations, and of methods for the analysis of data and results.

Essential Job Functions
Conducts examinations and comparisons of firearms, bullets, shells, casings, tool marks and other related items; applies instrumental, physical, and/or chemical techniques in the examination of firearm and tool mark evidence; disassembles, reassembles, renders safe, and tests firearms to determine operability, safety, and accuracy; documents unique characteristics and records physical parameters using measuring projections, micrometers, etc.; performs distance determination and examination of gunshot patterns with test standards; uploads into and reviews data from NIBIN, the National Integrated ballistic Information Network; prepares findings and issues reports based on the results of the examination.
Reviews/compiles case files and firearm evidence.
Cleans and maintains worksite and laboratory equipment; transfers and maintains evidence in storage.
Testifies in court as an expert witness; communicates with attorneys and law enforcement personnel; attends meetings.

Closing Date for position: 05/19/2024

Location of Position:, Ohio

Additional Information: PDF Description of Opportunity

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