Title: Forensic Examiner 2 – Latent Print

Description: Direct Application Link: https://careers-oraucareers.icims.com/jobs/1093/forensic-examiner-2—latent-print/job


PURPOSE: To perform independent routine to complex technical examinations of evidence through the processing of materials for latent prints, recovery of latent prints, examinations, visualizing/recording of latent prints, examining and comparing latent prints in a forensic laboratory. Responsible for providing direction and guidance to less experienced latent examiners.


* Performs routine forensic laboratory analysis and examinations of evidence in cases involving latent prints; Safeguards evidence and maintains chain-of-custody through the use of physical protocols and applicable documentation. Ensures safety precautions and applicable regulations are followed.

* Conducts examinations and experiments utilizing well defined methods and a variety of scientific tools, equipment, instrumentation and techniques; Identifies and initiates appropriate steps to solve a variety of analytical problems; Performs transfer of technology, methods development and validation applicable to analysis of evidence; Identifies research requirements to enhance examination methods and coordinates with the client’s and other research components as necessary; Provides guidance to junior examiners regarding the nature and extent of examinations to be conducted on more complex materials and items of evidence.

*Prepares and furnishes authoritative oral and written reports to facilitate investigative, intelligence, prosecution and other functions that support mission requirements. The reports will require the ability to clearly convey the opinions and findings as determined through detailed examinations and analysis. Updates case management and other database systems as required.

*Coordinates routine to moderately complex matters related to scope of analyses with other laboratory units, outside agencies, and related entities.

*Provides authoritative support to the client and other components within a multi-agency activity. Participates in liaison and meetings with officials from outside agencies to coordinate cases of mutual interest.  May provide training regarding the analytical process and related functions consistent with the needs of the client.

*Presents court testimony regarding examination of evidence as necessary to support mission requirements.

*Travel: OCONUS deployment required on rotational basis.

Closing Date for position: 01/26/2024

Location of Position:, Georgia (or OCONUS)

Additional Information: PDF Description of Opportunity

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