DNA Examiner
PAE is currently seeking a DNA Examiner based in Fort Gillem, GA
May be required to travel OCONUS (as needed)

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Examine evidence in consultation with firearms and latent print analysts (as needed) to ensure proposed collection approach will not negatively impact collection of other forensic data from the evidence.
• Collect potential DNA samples from evidence using approved procedures designed to minimize the possibility of sample contamination. All samples shall be properly packaged, marked and stored in preparation for extraction.
• Generate STR DNA profiles from evidence and reference samples.
• Analyze and interpret data from analysis which typically consists of complex mixtures and low level samples.
• Use photographic equipment to capture still images of each evidence item and relevant key portions of the evidence item, or other exhibits, to support further analysis, conclusions, and documentation.
• Annotate the case file documentation, detailing the processing techniques and the examination results.
• Perform administrative and/or technical reviews of reports and worksheets.
• Ensure proper chain of custody is maintained.
• Perform instrument maintenance.

Required Qualifications:
• A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree coupled with 4+ years’ experience working in a forensic laboratory performing DNA analysis on criminal evidence. Experience must include the following:
o Identification of blood and bloodstains, body fluids, and stains of body fluids, hair and other items requiring DNA or related analysis.
o Performance of visual and microscopic examination of hairs.
o Generation of STR DNA profiles.
o Comparison of evidence from victims, scenes, or instruments of incidents to evidence from suspects.
• One year as the lead of a team of DNA Examiners.
• Must be able to successfully pass a skills assessment.
• Able to obtain and maintain a DoD Secret security clearance.
• Physical ability and commitment to deploy globally as a team member.

Desired Qualifications:
• Professional certification such as American Board of Criminalistics (ABC) is desired

To Apply: