Bone Identification and the Latest Lab Techniques in Human Identification

September 26-28, 2017

The Florida Institute for Forensic Anthropology & Applied Sciences (IFAAS) and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office at USF is hosting a 3-day workshop (20 hours) for medical examiners, death investigators, detectives, crime scene personnel, and prosecutors, as well as other forensic specialists who work in the area of violent crime investigations.

This course is an introduction to forensic anthropology and human osteology. We will explore basic bone identification,the latest techniques for skeletal and dental analysis in human identification,and trauma analysis. Participant time is split between classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory methods, during which participants will learn:

• How to identify bones, including determining human vs. non-human bones

• How to distinguish taphonomic changes to bone from inflicted trauma

• Skeletal analysis and 3D modeling for trauma and cause of death

• The latest methods in forensic anthropology and where to find various resources

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Class size is limited. Register early!Registration fee: $325
For more information, contact Cpl. Thomas

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