#02070 Senior Latent Print Technician

PURPOSE: To process a wide range of complex forensic material associated with IEDs and IED-related material using basic and advanced physical and chemical processes and forensic light sources.


• Perform all of the services and responsibilities of a LPT. Assist with training and mentorship of new LPT.

• Provide span of control and direct supervision, program control, and management support of the Contractor’s employees in the technician role.

• Assist with management of case assignment and tracking requirements.

• Assist with the disposal of hazardous waste and track the use of latent print processing chemicals.

• Research, develop, and author whitepapers and information papers, as required.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with at least twenty-four (24) credit hours in the Physical Sciences.

Applicants must be able to obtain and maintain a TOP SECRET security clearance issued by the Federal Government

Experience: Prefer at least one (1) year of experience as a LPT in the FBI

Skills: Basic computer skills, to include use of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook); organization skills; flexibility and adaptability to changing priorities; demonstrated ability to study and pass training, examination, and testing assessments; verbal and written communication skills.

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